Sachtler Ace Tripod Review


I’ve used many different style tripods on shoots and there are plenty of good ones.

But still only a handful that are strong, sturdy, smooth and portable.

Being mainly a freelance director/cinematographer where a lot of my shoots are a one-man-army style shoot. Portability is important to me, but so is quality.

This is where the Sachtler Ace shines…its actually more travel friendly, even in its carrying case then tripods I’ve used before that have been photo tripods…which are not like this professional video tripod.

I think it weighs in at about 10 pounds.

The legs are made out of aluminum and can extend from 30.7” to a max height of 66.5”


It also handles the weight of cameras like the RED very nicely with great smooth pan and tilts.

The dial settings on the back feel nice and are easy to use…go from fast whip pans to smooth pan/tracking shots in just a few clicks.


The head alone on the ACE is worth the price


All the dials are right next to each other for quick set ups along with the levelling bubble

sachtler bubble

This is a great purchase for heavier cameras like the RED Scarlet/Epic, Sony F5/F55, BMCC, Canon C300 or even 5DMKII, GH3 users

I am definitely happy with mine


I also recently just shot some behind the scenes for a campaign for Carl Zeiss with FStop Academy Den Lennie and James Tokin at Hangman Studios

Was curious how well the Sachtler Ace L would hold up with the new Carl Zeiss 28-80 T2.9 zoom lens on a Sony F5

These amazing lenses by Carl Zeiss perform perfectly, maintaining pin point focus while zooming. They are heavier then your normal EF lenses so

I was curious to see how it performed on my new Sacthler Ace L tripod

zeiss close

The tripod held up well and still smooth

Great to know whether Im shooting RED with EF lenses or RED and Sony with PL glass that this Sachtler AceL will not only hold up well but perform perfectly

sony sachtler


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