F&V Lights

I was recently on a shoot with Den Lennie (Fstop Academy) & James Tokin (Hangman Studios)


The guys came up with a great concept for Zeiss and Den showed me these lights by F&V.

There are a lot of Litepanel companies around…but I loved how well F&V performed on the day

The options they give you in their lights are also amazing …thats besides their price point

3 K4000 bi-color lights with Carrying case for only €999 -£1,200 is amazing:


Here is what I love about the options with the K4000 :

  • Not only do you have the option to plug it in by the mains, but the option of a v-lock battery


  • You can also charge this battery by your normal kettle style plug or v-lock chargers so it plugs in and feels secure


  • Dimmer and bi-color daylight to tungsten on the back


If you looking for more kick out of your lights, then I believe the non bi-color panels kick out more light


Now for the bi-color Z180…

These are perfect for run n gun style shoots when you need that extra kick without lugging loads of gear around

Or simply hiding the units in a small place to manipulate light to your needs

*You can power these by Sony NP-F550 batteries…even better, if you forget those on shoot or they ran out of power

Just buy some double AA’s and your up and running again 🙂


*They come with these awesome magnetic clip on diffusers, that you can just add as many on as your desire




Great lights, great price and great portability

Here is a latest piece I shot, directed, edited using the K4000S Bi-Color and the Z180 Bi-Color:

and a behind the scenes from the shoot explaining how I used the lights..I shot the bts on the black magic pocket camera:



  1. Thank you for your review! I’ve been trying to figure out what light kit to buy and with so many options I am having a very hard time deciding.

    So six month later…would you still recommend the F&V K4000s? If so, would you recommend the daylight balanced, or the bi colors. Do you ever use the bi-color option, or do you primarily stick with 5600k?

    1. Hi JP

      Yes the F&V lights are still great… for your first one Id go for the Daylight K4000. They have a bit more kick then the bi-colors even though they are great too.

      Id also get a z180 too if you can, these little guys are always in my bag.

      You never know when you need a kick of light without the hassle of carrying something around.

      Hope that helps 🙂

      1. Definitely helps! I know when I first get a piece of gear that I’ve been wanting, sometimes it isn’t so great after long term use. So, for you to say it’s still great is nice to hear. Seems like a great price and solid build.

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