Black ‘MAGIC’ Pocket Camera


When I first received my Black Magic Pocket Camera, I thought it’d be a great B camera to my Red Scarlet

But I already have a GH3 with 1080 slow-motion which looks great, so would I really use the Bmpc over the GH3.

The quick answer to that is…As much as I like the GH3, I would rather use my bmpc in 25fps then the GH3 in 50fps 1080p

Simply because …There is something definitely ‘MAGIC’ about the pocket camera.

My first real test was to try and shoot a behind the scenes while I was shooting, directing a piece. So forgive the lack of bts as I didn’t have much time during my shoot

as I was setting up lights, camera shots, models, offloading and simply making sure I hit everything in my treatment etc etc.

So as I was editing the bts, I accidentally opened up the files which was shot on the RED Scarlet…so for a laugh I put a bmpc clips in the RED timeline

then scaled the bmpc 1080p file to 4KWS to match the RED…just for a laugh to see how it holds up.

I still can’t believe my eyes…it shouldn’t look this good.

Here is an example of what the BMPC 1080p file looked like before I upscaled it to 4KWS which is 4096 x 2304 with bars and 4096 x 1708 without bars

1080 to 4k

As you can see, you’d think …ahh…its gonna look crap when I scale it up

So instead of uploading the file to vimeo as compressed 1080p or youtube’s fake 4K for you to watch

I’ve put a small file link together for you to download to see for yourself, hopefully you can download it from the link below

Black Magic Pocket Camera – Scaled to 4K

To me this is wrong, it simply shouldn’t look this good haha

Once this gets the RAW update, it is absolutely insane what the team at Black Magic Design have done

such an awesome camera!

I used a EF adapter for the BTS which is here:

with a Rokinon/Samyang 24mm T1.5 Cinelens that you can get here:

If the BMD team give us 50fps in the BMPC or BMCC… nearly every camera company is in trouble

I have also found these batteries online for the bmpc, good price and they seem to be working good so far, for the price you can’t really go wrong.

Here is the link:

Regarding the shoot I was talking about…here is the piece I shot, directed, edited on RED:

and the BTS i shot, edited on the BMPC in 1080p is here:

Audio for behind the scenes, I used my Sennheiser EW100 G3 lavs plugged straight into the camera

Just imagine what BMD are probably working on that we don’t know about

Oh and DO NOT use ANY other SD cards besides the Sandisk 95 MB/s cards.. as Ive tried the other cards recommended on the BMD site

and the Sandisk ones are the only cards that record without dropped frames.


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