HolyManta VND Quick Review


So when I got my Black Magic Pocket Camera, I started to look for a EF to Micro 4/3 adapter

instead of buying all new 4/3 glass as I like my Samyang/Rokinon EF glass.

While looking for adapters…I camera across this cool EF to Micro 4/3 adapter with an attachable built in Vari-ND.

This saves a lot of hassle on shoots, especially run n gun style shoots

Bare in mind …all Variable ND’s around 10-12 stops can produce artifacts

I put together a quick video explaining the advantages of using this adapter over screw on ND’s and a Mattebox etc

You can buy/order the Adapter from HolyManta here:


Here it is on my Bmpc



Few notes I forgot in the video..

I haven’t tried this yet with EF glass that doesn’t have manual aperture control, just my Samyang/Rokinon Glass

Max light reduction is about 12 stops but 10 is useable without color shift

Going by the site…it also mentions that with the filter being used, focus will shift about 3.5% away from the camera, so when at 100mm, focus will be shifter to 103.5m



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