BMPC – RAW vs Prores


Since updating my Black Magic Pocket Camera to the new RAW firmware

Ive been tempting to shoot raw on my next shoot with it

So far I’ve shot behind the scenes, interviews and a wedding in Prores and have been pretty happy with the Prores results

Here are two BTS videos I’ve shot with it:

and here is a wedding I shot with the camera with some RED mixed in:

So I thought…will there be much difference between shooting in RAW or Prores

or just easier in post to change exposure, white balance/kelvin etc

So I quickly went out and shot pretty much the same scenes with the same settings..except one file RAW, then the other in Prores

I quickly graded the RAW files in Resolve 10, then opened the Prores files in Premiere and graded those within

This is the result…the grades are not supposed the match each other.
Opened resolve, graded til happy, then opened prores in premiere & graded til happy

With the Raw, its a little easier to get sharper images but you can get sharp images with the prores too

Shot with one 32GB SanDisk Extreme Pro Class 10 Card
Lenses: Panasonic 14-45mm 3.5/5.6 and a Canon FD 50mm 1.8 with Variable ND
Also with a crappy crappy tripod so when you breathe it moves haha

One thing I noticed when grading the Prores files compared to the RAW. Regarding sharpening …keep an eye out for weird artifacts in the highlight areas

as it will just define it more…see below. Left is RAW, right is Prores:


Also, be careful with your Gamma settings as the BMPC seems to deliver a lot of noise, whether its RAW or Prores

Besides that, after doing these tests…Im still quite happy shooting in Prores to save edit time and card space

Until Adobe Premiere has grading options similar to the way it handles my RED R3D files, Im happy shooting in Prores

Hope this helps out any other shooters & please share your best settings workflow


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