Lighting with F&V

In most of my shoots, I try to light the scene as best and as natural as possible, while maintaining the look I’m going for.

I usually turn off all the lights in the location, look where the natural light is hitting and re-create it.

I also look to see what the lights in the location are creating…I then kinda of re-create this look but obviously being able to manage the light a lot better

or move them slightly to make it look how I want.

Recently I had a lot of fun lighting my scenes, which was pretty much all lit with my F&V Lights with one Joker Bug Light.

Here is a quick example of how I lit one scene, which I pretty much did for each set up.

Just behind this arch way I hid my 1×1 Bi-Color K4000 panel


in the corner of that same wall…I hid a Z180 bi-color panel on the floor, inspired by the floor lights in the location before I turned them all off


Then at the back of the room, the client liked her bird cages…so I hid another Z180 facing up hitting the back of the cage while also creating a nice shadow


Then …the floor in the room felt a bit flat, so I lit the room with the Joker Bug from the same direction as the window, creating a nice shadow on the floor creating some shape.


I left my RED Scarlet powered up to quickly go back and view what was happening on camera


and here is what it was looking like when I nearly finished

you can see on camera left, I also hid another 1×1 panel in the hall at the back, I felt the wall needing some shape as it felt a bit flat

I made that one a bit more tungsten to separate that the light source is coming from the hall

…as mentioned, pretty much all lit with my F&V Lights


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