on the Run with RED

Im always trying to find a way to be more portable and ready to shoot with my RED

I want to use a top handle, side handle…but always found it tricky to pack it in a bag that way

then you have to unscrew and screw on elements for which handle you want to use and it slows your process down and you miss shots.

I came across this bag and its awesome, its the Domke F2 –

Which you can buy here



It fits everything you need for roaming around the streets, or shoots you just need it with you ready to go

Fits the RED camera, 2 lenses, handle and ND all in the main part:


just make sure you have some bubble wrap for your screen to be protected


Side pockets fit about 4 Redvolts and 2 V-Lock Batteries

volt bigbatts

Also has spare pockets for other goodies, like your Redmags


Now back to getting your RED run n gun ready, with nice fast swappable handles

I came across these by accident and they work great.

I first mount the Quick Release Rail on the top:


Then another one on the side:



(I use the 10cm rails)

Then with the handle, just literally slide it on the top or side and lock it down…when ever you want the handle there




You can get the rail for just £19.90 here


and the handles and Quick Release here for just £59.50:


Great price as some other companies you’d nearly be around the £300 mark

As for the bag, its quite comfortable and its not too big to lug around

sidebag frontbag


Hope this helps any RED shooters looking for a nifty bag, or some affordable handle, rig solutions.


  1. Thanks for the post dude, always appreciate it.
    The Wooden Camera handles and safety rails feel like a complete ripoff now.
    To think what I paid for my UVF mount!


    1. no worries
      yeah sucks… I have the Wooden Camera handle. I never use it anymore now due to it being stuck on the camera.
      Whereas these handle I can quickly swap em or not use em at all, without taking up time.

  2. Nice Daniel! Always good to make the EPIC more portable. I definitely recommend being very careful of the Touch Screen monitor, especially in a shoulder bag. As someone who’s had to pay £1K to repair one, bubble wrapping it is certainly a good idea!

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