(pic of epic on ronin balanced without ronin turned on)

When the Ronin arrived, I was happy and annoyed at the same time. Happy my new gimbal was here that Ive never used before, but annoyed that my RED EPIC was on hire so I couldn’t really test it out, haha.

Then my RED EPIC was back 🙂 red2 Like other camera geeks, Ive had my eye on the Movi. But being an

EPIC owner I’d have to fork out a lot for the right Movi to handle the RED. Plus DJI really did their

homework, the fact that I can balance my RED or GH4 on the gimbal really quick is amazing.

But its the fact that its tool less that really saves you time. The Movi system you need to use tools to make minor adjustments, although I’m sure their system still rocks.

My only downside with the Ronin so far, I thought the part that balances the camera from left to right was a bit stiff compared to the other parts.

Also, I’ve found that even though you lock off the gimbal that attaches to the handle, you can still clip the link down and slide it off, even though its locked. You can see what I mean here: UPDATE!

Dji and Production Gear, where I bought the Ronin from, were very nice to fix the problem pretty quick and send out and new handle unit to me.

Now it works perfect

The case that comes with the Ronin is awesome to have and amazing that its included in the price.

Don’t forget the remote control for a 2nd person to control your pan and tilt.

As well as including simple things, like the asscesories mounts and bag of tools, that they could easily charge for.

Which includes allen keys and different bolts to thread your camera on the plate…. Along with 15mm rods to mount a follow focus etc

case tools

The tools are to adjust the tightness of the tool less parts, once set you don’t have to use them…besides the camera plate.

The system is heavy, but so was my Steadicam vest and arm.

You just learn to know what works and when you might need an easy rig to go with it.

But Unless your doing long one shot takes or an important narrative scene, you’ll be fine with the weight.

For those that might run into trouble balancing their Red Scarlet or EPIC.

Here are some pics of how I set up mine. Balances perfect without the Ronin turned on, which means once turned on, The Ronin is your best friend as you balanced very well to start with.

My set up is, Camera with Side Handle, redvolt, monitor on gimbal handle not camera and 18-35mm Sigma Art lens. That way your pretty safe with focal length, not having to change lens and re-balance throughout a shoot.

To Start, I balance my front to back balance with the camera plate: camera plate bottom camera plate back camera plate

Then I set the tilt: (markings should match on both sides) height left Next, I set the left to right balance….

make sure your REDVOLT battery is in the camera close front Then….I set up the swing action.

For a video tutorial, I may do one later on, but please search online as Im sure someone has already done so For now, this is just me showing you pics of my set up with markings….

Another great feature from the DJI Ronin, as keeping track of your set up will be easy if you go wrong one day.

back back2

You’ll also want to use the DJI App, Im using it on my iPhone, you can also use your iPad. (not sure about android). The app allows to to set the pan/tilt speed and stiffness. If you mess it up badly, DONT WORRY,

you can switch back to default if needed. dji app Let me know your results!


camera side (Balance the camera how your gonna shoot, don’t leave lens caps on, anything like a wire not connected etc…as every little thing makes a difference in the balance) Hope that helps Here is my tests with the RED EPIC and GH4 on the DJI Ronin: Here are more settings I use and some more info: Stiffness Configuration Pan Axis: 17 Tilt Axis: 12 Roll Axis: 12 Smoothtrack Adjustments Pan Axis: 45 Tilt Axis: 45 Deadband on both: 0 If you plan on running straight with no turns, Then I would turn your ‘Deadband’ up a bit more on your pan to avoid it wanting to turn while running. Bare in mind ‘RUNNING’ on any gimbal, has no 4th axis (up and down) so on any gimbal you will see some kind of bounce

(unless your on a skateboard etc) I shot with these 2 cameras so people can see what the big difference is, regarding the look of footage.

Because roaming with the EPIC, you’ll need a lot of Redvolts and muscles.

The GH4 as you know, the battery lasts forever and it is much lighter then the EPIC.

GH4 has its place and time with the Ronin and so does the EPIC.

I shot everything pretty much in ‘Underslung Mode’ as I found this mound the easiest to transition from low to high shots. Then there is a few shots that are ‘Briefcase Mode’ and ‘Upright Mode’.

Hope this helps out any new Ronin users, plus send some tips my way too of what you find works best 🙂


  1. Hi peter. Thanks for the article. Im having some trouble balancing ronin with barebone gh4 with 20mm pancake lens. I beginning to think that ronin cant be used with lighter camera system.
    What do you think?

    Oh, Please also make an article on how you balance the GH4 too.

    1. Heya

      I don’t have any pancake or small lenses yet for my gh4 so I can’t really do a balance test for you.

      Hopefully my 15mm Panny lens will arrive soon, prob the smallest lens i’d have for it so I’ll so a pic balancing test then

  2. Ok thanks
    Just share what i did to balance the gh4 with small lens
    I added manfrotto quick release plate underneath the camera between ronin standard plate
    After that it works just fine

    Still playing around with some settings though. Awaits your photos

  3. What display are you using that is mounted to your Ronin? What cable and what is the mount you are using, for the display? Thanks!!!

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