GH4 Autofocus Test on DJI Ronin

So I was at home, rendering out a project….Started messing with my GH4 and autofocus, as I forgot about that function as I used to use my Sigma 18-35mm with the EF to micro 4/3 adapter…so I never had that autofocus option.

So Im testing my GH4 and the 15mm Panny/Leica, quite surprised how well its works from object to object. Then I think, wait a minute….how well would this work on my DJI Ronin gimbal, following someone around.

Well, this is my quick test with it.

As you can see from the test, its not 100% perfect but it works pretty damn well.

I shot wide open at 1.7 with ND and walked through fairly contrasty areas to see how well it works.

I also got my subject (my betty) to walk in and out of shot to see how well it keeps focus on her, then the back ground, then back on her.

Its no C100 with Dual autofocus but no too shabby

Please excuse the horrible vimeo compression

So since posting this on vimeo, Ive had a few emails asking about my settings and if I could do another testing on a tighter lens.

Regarding settings, these are the settings Ive found works best:




Let me know if you find your tests/settings towork better.

Here is my test on a tighter lens, the Panasonic 35-100mm set at 35mm, wide open at 2.8 with ND:

Hopefully this helps out anyone asking me questions, happy shooting.


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