F&V – SpectraHD4 Review

Ive been using the Blackmagic Ursa a lot recently, sometimes when using it on the shoulder or bright conditions…you may need an EVF.

cam above

Since I already use a lot of F&V gear, regarding their lights…I thought i’d give the spectraHD4 a try.


The EVF is nice and light, powers with either the Sony NP-F960/F970 or the smaller F550/570 and connects via SDI or HDMI


Below is also a quick video update on the unit:

You can also update the firmware using their USB kit


As mentioned in the video above, when you caught in tight situations….it comes in very handy to mount the SpectraHD4 on top of the camera


Info from F&V Site:

The F&V SpectraHD 4 is a compact 4.3″” monitor with a stunning 1280 x 720px high-resolution display. The SpectraHD 4 has a 170-degree viewing angle, 24-bit color depth, and a 900:1 contrast ratio which makes it a strong, standalone monitor not only for reference but also for focus pulling.

An optional, flip-down loupe completes the system, transforming the monitor into an Electronic Viewfinder (EVF). The loupe is a practical solution for over the shoulder camera work or when shooting in bright environments. The loupe has a slight magnification, yet it retains full-screen viewing which makes framing your shot easy. The loupe is sold separately or as part of a kit.

Advanced software features make the SpectraHD 4 a perfect solution for professionals. The SpectraHD 4 is packed with key features such as: vectorscope, histogram, focus peaking, false color, and adjustable frame guides. The SpectraHD 4 gives you tools to understand your image signal, ensuring its overall integrity. The SpectraHD 4 will be capable of future firmware upgrades via its integrated mini-USB input.

The SpectraHD 4 has a lightweight and strong aluminum body with two mounting options: one 1/4″”-20 and one Arri Rosette. It has an HDMI IN and OUT with loop-through as well as an SDI IN and OUT with loop-through. The SDI input supports 3G/HD/SD. Another powerful feature of the SpectraHD4 is its ability to convert from HDMI IN to SDI OUT.

The SpectraHD 4 has several available power options: a Sony NP-F battery plate, a DC2.5mm jack, and mini-XLR. The mini-XLR can also be used for multi-camera shoots to receive a tally signal from the switch-board, illuminating the monitor’s integrated Tally Light.

Whether on-location or in the studio, the SpectraHD 4 has all the physical and internal features to make it a versatile, reliable companion on-set.


The flip feature shown above and in my video, is a simple feature some manufactures forget….yet its a very important feature to have

Even though I use my Manfrotto hotshoe, the SpectraHD4 ships with their own:


Its not only for bigger camera such as the Ursa, it works great as a monitor for the GH4 as its a great size…plus the loop can be very handy for bright conditions:

gh4 loop monitor

The UK price of the SpectraHD4 comes in around £900 with the loop or £750 without the loop

Get it straight from F&V:




or from Videogear UK


Hope this helps some people

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