Deluts by James Miller

James Miller just released the new LUTS he has created for grading and for onset looks for clients.
I did a quick video tutorial on how to install the luts in Premiere Pro and Resolve:

Below is some grades I did using the LUTS on some shoots I did a little while ago. So you’ll see what they look like, coming from Redlog from the RED EPIC, then from the Blackmagic Ursa film look to grade versions using James Miller’s Deluts:

carrying cuckfield handmadee leister liverpool sailsford rooftop lincoln southmapton computer sewing york the bridge lancaster

In Premiere Pro, if you need to change the look….just click the button in the highlighted area below, then select the next look change effectHope some people found this useful… Also don’t forget to follow James Miller here:

Purchase James Miller’s Deluts here:


  1. Hello James, your LUTs look amazing. Is there a chance these LUTs could be accessible in FCP X sometime in the future?

    1. Hi John

      This is Daniel as its my site/blog. I just blogged about the LUTS James has created but….yes. It does work with FCPX

      You may have to email James or search online for a tutorial how to install with fcpx

      1. Hmm…ok thanks a lot Daniel. I looked up James’ site to purchase the LUTs and it only says: “Resolve can also used the LUT’s marked for FCPX.” I don’t own Resolve and I’m coming from using LUTs and Filmconvert directly inside FCP X. Not sure if this will work the way I’m accustomed.

  2. I don’t know if it is just me (or my monitor ) but the tutorial video is not viewable (very soft ) all other reference pics are fine but the vid is sadly somehow unusable.

  3. Any Update for cc2015 windows user 😉
    At the moment these ‘Looks’ are available only under Mac OS, support for Windows is under development. Please check back for updates.

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