Sony RX10 II Review

Sony have been knocking out some damn good cameras lately, while most seem more interested in the new A7R II – I thought take a risk and get the new RX10 II.


Main reason why I was worried about this camera is the small chip and fixed lens, fixed lenses scare me haha.

The fixed lens is amazing though, a Carl Zeiss 24-200mm 2.8. Thats insane!

front better

I love how they thought a lot about the lens, the aperture ring can be clicks or clickless for smooth iris control


My first test was the obvious, to test the amazing slow motion features. I tested this up against my Blackmagic Ursa

I shot side by side with my Blackmagic Ursa with the Sigma 18-35mm 1.8 shot at 2.8 but left it at 18MM….and to my surprise, the 24-200 on the Sony was wider.

I shot the Sony at 100fps, then 250fps in 1080P with the Ursa at 80fps UHD then 150fps 1080p.

Don’t forget the Ursa CROPS in at 1080p/150fps, so I didn’t change focal length, it was left at 18mm. I zoomed in on the Sony to match frame of Ursa, the Sony does NOT crop in.

The Ursa performs a lot smoother, cleaner but the RX10 II is a great contender.

Another thing I was shocked with, is the SONY seems to have more Dynamic Range then the Ursa.

This will obviously change with the new 4.6k Ursa and Ursa mini coming soon 🙂

When shooting video on the RX10 II, You have 2 dials:


In the mode above, you can shoot 4K 25fps and 1080P 100fps or 120fps depending on which mode you use NTSC or Pal

Also, don’t forget the Sony super slowmo limit when recording 250fps, is 2 sec max which i think is 80sec playback.
100fps or 120fps is continuous, just have to slow down after in editing…doesnt conform in camera like 250fps/500fps etc



In the HFR dial, you can shoot from 250fps, 500fps and 1000fps, but in my opinion only 250fps is worth using…unless for messing around.


Here is a quick 500fps Test:

When shooting slow motion, for best quality….shoot in Quality Priority Mode


Here is my first field test with slow motion

I also like that it conforms the speed in camera with a choice of 50p and 25p


Sony also lets you manipulate pictures profiles which is also great


Even when choosing one of their profiles, you can still change gamma etc

pp custom

Just bare in mind, if you have a profile selected like pp7/slog2 etc, that you need it turned off to access the other ‘Creative Style Profiles’

pp off

When shooting in SLOG2/PP7, it can sometimes be tricky to focus as everything is flat…I recommend setting your Peaking level to high and on yellow to nail focus

p leevel

p color

SLOG2 is also locked at ISO 800, which is a lot better now as the A7S is stuck at 3200 and the RX100 IV is 1600

Handheld with this baby is also amazing, light weight and with the option of steady shot you can even get nice hand held shots even at 200mm 🙂

s shot

Regarding card speeds, these are the ones i use:


I believe San Disk 16GB don’t work well at all!

You can also control the camera via WIFI on your phone, set up like so. (you will need Play memories app – free)

a list


Only issue I have with the camera is the app, when triggering to record a scene…I’ll set it to slog2 but it records the scene in a unknown profile that looks horrible.

Not sure if its just me or if anyone else has had this issue?! Plus there isn’t many features in the app 😦

Here is another test I did

1080p also rocks out of this camera and did I mention built in ND

The camera ships with no charger, just like the A7RII I believe, but the chargers & batteries I’ve found are so cheap, who cares haha

For the price & features this camera is kicking out, go get one NOW!

I also have a set of LUTS for the SLOG2 profile, check em out here:

Latest piece i shot, edited and graded with the Sony RX10II with a bit of DJI Inspire and GH4 on the Ronin

UPDATE! Dynamic Range test between the Blackmagic Ursa and Sony RX10II

A few people have asked for me to do a quick dynamic range test between the Blackmagic Ursa and the Sony RX10II.

Unfortunately the sun has gone away in the UK, so just some quick tests in my kitchen and living room for now haha

When you see the first comparrsion, yes the RX10II does have a lot more dynamic range, but it does come with noise too. Both cameras were set to the same f stops.

The ISO was set to the best base ISO in cameras, Ursa at 400 and the RX10II 800 as slog2 is automatically set to 800.

No ND used on both cameras, Ursa was shot in BMDFilm and Slog2 on the Sony

After the original settings, the same clips were used but I raised the shadows with the Ursa to match DR to the RX10II.

Then I made some slight curves adjustments to the RX10II footage to get rid of the noise.

Which one do you prefer, URSA or RX10II?

Should you get the Sony RX10II or the Panasonic GH4

Or you already have the GH4 and might be interested in the RX10II

Here is my quick view on both cameras as I own both…hope this helps

Shot on GH4, Sigma 18-35 art lens
graded with my LUT ‘GH4 Peach Fade’


  1. Hey, great footage. I haven’t been able to stop watching your video, “Quick Field Test” ever since you posted it. This camera wasn’t even on my radar but the great footage that you posted definitely has me interested now. A few quick questions. Are the internal ND filters on the camera enough for you to shoot at 800 ISO with slog2 without requiring more filtration? How is the camera at 1600 ISO? And could you possibly post a really short downloadable clip, maybe some b-roll from the “Quick Field Test”? Would appreciate it if possible, would like to try my hand at grading some of the footage. Thanks again. Looking forward to more of your videos with the RX II.

    1. Hiya

      Many thanks for the kind words, appreciate it.

      The built in ND is good but I prefer to use my Vari-ND from tiffen. 1600 at night will create noise so best to stay away from pushing it.
      I shoot to edit, so there isn’t anymore b roll footage

      Hope that helps?

  2. What a beautiful wedding video. A lot of footage you shot that day. I’m surprised about the dynamic range. It’s quite good.

    I was wondering how often you are stabilizing your shots with a tripod, monopod etc, and how often you could rely on a steady hand with Sony’s stabilization activated?

    I assume the shot at 0:06 is on a drone?

    1. Thank you for the kind words…

      I shot handheld, slider and tripod. The steady shot mode was also turned on and helps a lot…can even get away with handheld at 200mm

      yes …also used my drone

  3. Hi, great review. Nice to see reviews with actually good looking footage. Just curious, on the specs on B&H site it says only 30p at 4k. Is there 4k at 24p at the 100mbs rating with the RX10ii?

      1. Absolutely does thanks! I’ve read the lens is a focus by wire system lens. Have you found any issues with manual focusing or is not a big deal in real life scenarios?

  4. focus is different, but nothing that should put you off…i still prefer cine lenses but I also use sigma lenses with my other cameras which have short focus throw….so I’m always using different lenses with different focus issues

  5. So far this is the best and most useful RX10ii review I’ve seen. Thanks so much. Would you mind sharing your Creative Style/Picture Profile settings for Baking with Betty? The colors are beautiful.

  6. Hi Daniel!
    Really thanks for this review! Its amazing! I have two question. I want to use RX10 II on gimbal. Does image stabilisation work well on 24mm? Also what is maximal fps for continuous recording?

    1. Thanks for the support, continuous goes up to 100 or 120fps depending on what you use, NTSC or Pal

      Image stabilisation works throughout the focal range so you should be fine

      hope that helps?

  7. Hello.. Thank you for your review.. I create content for several folks as well as my own work. I recently moved to all 4k gear (3 Panasonic HC-WX970 which are surprisingly effective for all I need them to do for me). Then I added the Sony RX10II primarily for the slow motion capabilities. As you mentioned.. it rocks for slow motion.. Where I find my frustration is with the focus. I’ve all but given up on using this in the studio for filming myself. Panasonics seem to have NO issue with focus.. The Sony.. OMG.. If I leave it on auto, it will hunt focus here and there which ruins my project.. If I try to manually set it, I’m never really “sharp.” Now if I have a dedicated videographer film me.. we get exceptional results.. but I can’t always have someone behind the camera. Have you been able to sort out how to get this thing to get and stay focused (without intervention) when shooting video.. Oh.. and what’s with the MF Assist in video mode!. Anyway.. I really, really, want to love this camera.. And I do for slow motion. I just wish I could get better solo video filming results. Any help would be really appreciated.

    Rick Eutsler

    1. Hi Rick

      I didn’t have the camera very long but I just made sure peaking was on all the time to make sure I nailed focus.

      Sometimes sony cameras can be a pain to focus, especially since the lens is focus by wire.

  8. Hi there! Great review, do you still use the RX10II? ..besides many other cameras 😉

    I ordered one off amazon 4 weeks ago. It was a prime deal here in Germany (999 EUR = 850 GBP). Pretty amazing camera for that price. I use it only for video and love it. However, two things which bother me a little:

    1. Just a a little more shallow depth of field …. It’d be perfect with a APS-C sensor size, even if it would be little bigger.

    2. The remote smartphone / tablet control would be perfect for improvised ‘on the fly’ picture control without a separate monitor. But as you wrote (btw.: Nobody else mention these important little things for filmmakers in their reviews, you do): You can’t use it together with PP7 (slog). Bummer… At least it works with the creative styles: Setting it to Portrait -3, -3, -3 (most other serious videographers with Sony cameras without slog use Portrait style), gives a pretty decent flat image which can be graded afterwards.

    Anyway, when I have money again and can get a A7-something .. :D, then the RX10II will be my perfect B-Roll camera 🙂 Already sold all my Nikon stuff, because they are not able to make a decent camera for video with 4k.


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