Ursa Mini 4K Review & LUTS

Ok, the Ursa Mini 4K versions are shipping, first impressions below:


I also did a interview with Dan Chung over at Newsshooter about the camera


As many people know, the Ursa Mini 4K is the exact same sensor as the BIG Ursa, although I haven’t experienced the black orb….which is strange as my BIG Ursa still gets it

Here is my first test:

I also shot the same thing with the SONY A7SII, Unfortunately pushing the grade with an 8bit camera has some banding issues


A lot of people are probably waiting for the new Ursa Mini 4.6K due to the new sensor, that should deliver 15 stops of Dynamic Range and ISO range up to 1600

This Ursa Mini 4K only goes up to ISO 800, so some people have been put off with getting it due to bad lowlight performance

So I thought, why not do a practical lowlight test against the king – Sony A7S II

We all know the A7SII wins at lowlight

But this was a test, using what light you may have on a shoot or what minimal light you can use
with these cameras.

Ursa Mini 4K (not 4.6k) only goes up to ISO 800, so I set the Sony A7SII to 800 besides the SLOG3 shots as its automatically set to 1600

Both shot in UHD/4K

Didn’t push the A7S2 past 800/1600 as it wasn’t needed for this test, plus my skin would have blown out from the phone.

Lenses used were both Sigma Art Series lenses, 24mm 1.4 on the Mini and 50mm 1.4 on the A7S2.

Light in the kitchen used was just my iPhone, brightness set to full.

Light outside was just the street lights and my iPhone again.

Hopefully this clears things up on people trying to decide on both cameras.

If you like own the A7S2 and like my ‘Custom Profile’ for the A7S2, its in my SLOG3 LUT pack below:


Few days later, more bmd goodies arrived:


The EVF is so sexy, slim, easy to attach and put away when not needed…it’d be wrong to not have one



abov 2

The fact that you can punch in while looking through the EVF and have peaking is awesome too


The Video Assist Monitor/Recorder, is it needed – NO…but if you don’t need all your shoots to be shot in 4k and you want to record 1080p onto cheaper SD cards…or you want to record 4k at the same time then YES.



The monitor allows a full 4K downscaled image to 1080p up to 60fps

Plus rockin on top for just a monitor is very nice for me, reminds me of my RED days


Here is a quick tip regarding the shoulder kit, Im not really a fan of the top handle, see why below:

If you can’t afford all these goodies and just want a working Ursa Mini straight out of the box, besides ordering the camera
you will need:

CFast 2.0 Card
Cfast 2.0 card Reader
V-lock battery and V-Lock plate to mount your battery on



Here is some info regarding CFast 2.0 cards, so you’ll know how many cards you’ll need for your shoots:

Recording UHD 3840×2160 Prores 422 with Lexar 256GB Cfast 2.0

60fps = 1hr 2min
(with San disk 128GB Cfast 2.0 card you’ll get 29min)

25fps = 1hr 2min
(with San disk 128GB Cfast 2.0 card you’ll get 29min)

Recording 1920×1080 Prores 422 with Lexar 256GB Cfast 2.0

60fps = 4hr 4 min
(with San disk 128GB Cfast 2.0 card you’ll get 1hr 54 min)

25fps = 4hr 4 min
(with San disk 128GB Cfast 2.0 card you’ll get 1hr 54 min)

Recording UHD 4000×2160 RAW 3:1 with Lexar 256GB Cfast 2.0

60fps = 19min
(with San disk 128GB Cfast 2.0 card you’ll get 9 min)

25fps = 19min
(with San disk 128GB Cfast 2.0 card you’ll get 9 min)

Recording 1920×1080 windowed 120fps Prores 422 with Lexar 256GB Cfast 2.0

52 min
(with San disk 128GB Cfast 2.0 card you’ll get 24 min)

Recording modes:

4K Recording in RAW , RAW 3:1 (frame rates from 5fps up to 60fps)

UHD Recording in Prores HD, 422, LT, Proxy (frame rates from 5fps up to 60fps)

1080p Recording in Prores HD, 422, LT, Proxy, (frame rates from 5fps up to 60fps)

1080p window/crop Recording in Prores HD, 422, LT, Proxy, (frame rates from 5fps up to 120fps)

ISO 200/400/800, BASE ISO is still 400 just like the Ursa

When recording slow-motion in 1080p or UHD up to 60fps, there is no crop…your frame is the same as recording in 24fps or 25fps

But when recording up to 120fps, its recording in a 1080p windowed section of the sensor
Here is what the crop will look like recording slow-motion up to 120fps.

As the text displays in the video, I shot it all with the 24mm 1.4 Art lens from Sigma.

I did not move the camera or change the f-stop/aperture. So you can see how much light you lose along with the crop…I only changed the aperture at the end, so you can see what 120fps looks like exposed properly

Now, people that have their Ursa Mini 4K Cameras that want to have fun grading their footage.

Below is a preview and link to my Ursa Mini LUTS for ‘Adobe Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve and FCPX.

LUTS available here:

In the pack is base LUTS along with my creative looks

Have fun and I hope this blog helped you out 🙂


Just got back from a BMD Event in Dubai, I was mainly talking at the event so not much shooting time, here is what I captured


  1. Daniel, thanks for taking the time to write about the camera. Curious as to how you were able to attach the viewfinder to the camera without the Shoulder Mount Kit? Did you use the bracket that’s included with the kit? My understanding is that the viewfinder uses a 3/8″ screw, while the top of the URSA Mini only has 1/4″ holes.

  2. Thanks Daniel for the comparison.
    With the viewfinder, did you notice any motion-lag? I had a looked at show and was surprised how poor the image was outputting, I tried to get some answers from the show-reps, and they could not answer my question what causing the motion-lag considering I hear every raving about how good it was. (I am assuming these are ‘hired-talents’ then a true BMD rep. so they were clueless).


  3. Hey man do you think the ursa mini stripped down would work on a ronin-m? i know it pushes the weight but should still be under… with size and everything I’m curious to see how it might work with balancing with say a wide ronkinon lens like a 14mm or something. Let me know thanks man

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