A6500 Review / Tips


So is the a6500 worth the money and upgrade from the a6300?

Short answer YES

Here is my Quick Test:

Song in the video is ‘Falling‘ now apart of my Xmas Deal pack below:


Anything shooting slog2 & slog3 with 5 axis stabilisation

4k 100MBPS & 1080p up to 120fps & touch focus at £1,500 is a steal

But you can also get a cheap a6300 and a gimbal and kind of do the same thing, all depends how bad you will use the autofocus/touch focus on the a6500 etc

The 5 axis on the a6500 is also very handy to have when handheld

but you could also use OSS lenses with the a6300

Lets get started

Both the a6500 or the previous a6300 has issues, as I mention in my video below

the main issues are the rolling shutter & over heating

The 5 axis on the a6500 is great, but just like the A7SII…walking is out of the question

it doesn’t matter about the 5 axis as the rolling shutter is so bad

The video below is a handheld walking test with the Sigma 50mm 1.4 (no gimbal) it should be bumpy with any camera, but remember….. the a6500 has 5 axis stabilisation and that rolling shutter is still horrible, making the shot unusable

the 5 axis is still good I just don’t recommend walking with it and expecting near gimbal style results

Power & Overheating

so if this is your main camera and you plan on shooting interviews, corp work etc

I suggest playing it safe and powering/recording to external sources

this will keep your a6500 or a6300 cooler, hoping for longer run times without over heating

My first video on this page explains that into more detail


A thing I forgot to mention in the video is regarding the NTSC/Pal settings

Pal will give you 24/30fps at 4k and 120fps in 1080p

NTSC gives you 25p at 4k & 100fps in 1080p

Here is why I shoot in Pal

When you switch your camera to shoot NTSC, this damn menu screen pops up every time when you turn on your camera


so rather then just turning the camera on and filming

you have to click the menu button to get rid of this screen, so you could have missed the shot.

So how good is the slow-motion?

In all fairness I think the slowmo is great out of this camera, it is obviously softer then UHD but not bad at all with hardly any crop.

Here is a test shooting 100fps on the a6500 against the Ursa Mini 4.6k

The 4.6k crops in a lot shooting 100fps and losses a bit of light whereas the a6500 doesn’t

The 4.6k slowmo is sharper but has other issues as mentioned above

Cage & Rigs

are they needed & why…

if the a6500 or a6300 is your only camera, then I’d suggest a rig

this makes interview/audio set ups easier

keeping everything in once place, but allowing you to detach the camera when you need to go small and compact

you can keep things small, mount audio on top and just view from the cameras monitor

the rig is the most compact way I’ve found that works so far for

start/stop trigger record, audio with mics or lavs, headphones & phantom power, longer battery options and a bigger monitor to view a bigger image for crucial focus and LUTS


nearly everything is by a great & affordable company called Smallrig, which I  started using from my RED days

a6500 cage


Cold Shoe Mount:

Safety Rail 1:

Safety Rail 2:

Dual Battery Charger & batteries:

Screw Adapter:

Battery Adapter:

Dummy Battery Adapter Cables:


Start/Stop Trigger:

Audio Preamp:

1080 Video Assist:

4K Video Assist:

HDMI to Micro HDMI Angled/Straight Cable:

Sigma E-Mount 30mm 1.4 lens:

Why Convert the files to Prores or record externally to a Prores recorder?

Basically, shoot something in the native Sony XAVCS codec, an interview is a great example…. then convert the files to Prores or record to a Prores recorder

Try to edit a sequence in the native XAVCS codec first, then try the same thing with the Prores files, haha

You will instantly notice a difference, Prores is a standard format that works every where and is a high codec standard.

Editing software will work with the native XAVCS files but the software has to work hard and play pack skips frames, slow etc.

you will get away with clips from vacations, test footage etc…but as soon as you edit an interview or music video….you will start to get stressed out haha

Slog 2 & Slog3 LUTS

I hope this helps people out & if you are interested in my custom profiles for this camera and LUTS to get you to a great starting point or stylised look.

Please check out my Slog2 & Slog3 LUTS Below…I also have a NEW XMAS Deal for both packs…now only £4.99 for both:




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