Rayzr 7 Review

Rayzr 7 / A great, affordable, powerful LED Spot/Flood light.

Brightest model being the Daylight 300 version which is equivalent to a 1500w Tungsten Light.

Comparison is similar to an Arri L10/l7


The model I have is the 300B Model – A Bicolor 150w LED light, equivalent to 750w Tungsten

You can power the light by house mains or V-lock Batteries

When the light first arrived I didn’t have much time due to shoots, so I can quickly set up a scene and I was instantly happy with the results.

Here is what my living room looks like on a dull typical English day:


Now the same scene using the Rayzr 7 300B to create a sunset effect creating shapes/shadows on the wall:


Here is the BTS for the shot above:



The next day I had a bit more time, so I ran to the store to buy some card and sheets

I cut out some shapes in the card to create some blinds/shadows on the wall


Then with the sheets, I could use them for Bounce or Diffusion:



Here is my video review with some tips on getting some nice lighting

In total, Rayzr  have 4 models… the daylight versions of the LED power Fresnel lights are more powerful, ranging from 300w which is the equivalent to a 1500w Tungsten light.

CRI (Color Accuracy) is 92-96

There is a cooling fan but its temperature controlled to reduce noise.

Its not very loud, its on when I’m talking in my reviews and you can’t hear it so you should be fine for most dialogue scenes


I often choose Bi-Color rather then using Gels

The lights can be controlled by a simple dial, shifting between 3200k-5600k as well as adjusting the power by simply dimming the light with the same dial.

The light can be powered by house mains or V-Lock, cool to the touch and can be set to Spot or Flood.

A tip on dimming the power fast when in the percentage mode (not kelvin) if you hit the set button first it will dial through faster between 0-100% when using the dial.

Then Hit set again for more precise control



Here is another test with the light, this time creating more of a moody look with the light & some haze:

Few BTS pics here:






In the video I mention that Rayzr will soon have a wifi option to control brightness & kelvin tempeture


Some more info below with links to their site:


Prices are very affordable from just over a grand for the Bi-color and around £1,300 for the daylight versions.

More info here on tech specs regarding the models are here:


In case you didn’t watch the video, here is some grabs from the video on using the light in different ways.

No Light:


Using Bounce:


Using Direct Source:


Using Diffusion:


Hope people found this useful



  1. Great review! May I know the brand and model of the Vmount battery and adaptor that you have used here and where to buy them?

    Thank you!

  2. What? This post deserved some love! Probably the most simplest and most impactful video on lighting that I have ever watched. I am looking forward to experiment with the one light that I have just based on your video.

    Thank you for making such efficient and high value content.

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