GH5 – Should You Get It?

So I’ve been using my GH5 for a couple of weeks now, should you get it and are the issues worth it?



Definitely buy it in my opinion…UHD 60fps and pretty damn decent 180fps in 1080p for under £2k is crazy.

Here is my first test, no V-Log profile as it didn’t ship yet in the post.

(I know, weird we can’t just download it)

Shot in my ‘Natural‘ profile with my ‘Custom LUTS‘ for this setting.


Shooting with camera profiles is fine and produce nice colors, but the highlights blow fast so I’ve created a ‘Mild Gamma‘ adjustment LUT to help this, but I recommend shooting in V-Log.


Filming with V-Log

Here is my Test when V-Log arrived, quickly installed it and went out filming

Song in video Available here:

Here are a few grabs from the piece in V-log + graded


eye vlog


eye grade


face vlog


face grade

How To Install V-LOG and use LUTS in-camera

Purchase V-LOG:
(same as GH4 Link)

Panasonic V-LOG Activation Page:

Recording Formats 

So you can choose to film in many different formats for 4K

This can be confusing so you just need to make sure you set up what you need from the camera.

Lets start with ‘Cinema Mode


C4K 10 Bit 4096 x 2160 150mbps (24p only available in 24.00hz Cinema Setting)

C4K 8 Bit 4096 x 2160 100mbps VFR (from 2fps up to 48fps)

UHD 3840 x 2160 150mbps

UHD 8 bit 3840 x 2160 100mbps VFR (from 2fps up to 60fps)

Just remember if you want Sound or Auto Focus, when filming with anything saying VFR, you won’t have any sound or Auto Focus.

PAL Mode


So if you plan on filming sports or action in Slow Motion and want to use Auto Focus and sync Sound

Sound with slow motion is handy to have for shooting Music Videos, singer singing in slow motion but in sync

you will need to film in Pal Mode using 3840 x 2160 8 bit 50p 150mbps

UHD  3840 x 2160 8 Bit 50p 150mbps ( for AF slowmo + sound)

UHD 3840 x 2160 10 bit 150mbps 25p

UHD 3840 x 2160 8 bit 100 mbps VFR (from 2fps up to 48fps)

Super Slow Motion

Anything higher then 60fps will be shot in 1080p which looks very good

There is no Auto Focus or Sound when using these frame rates

Apparently 120fps is the best quality and 180fps is slightly worse, so far they both look great to me.

I find the 180fps looks pretty good and I even blew up my 1080 clips to UHD in my first test video

Slow Motion Exposure Issue in Shutter Angle Mode

This is important to note until Panasonic Fix this issue

When filming slow motion higher then 60fps using 180 Degrees, the camera doesn’t seem to view the right exposure in live mode.

So when you hit record, the image/screen/exposure will get darker, so you have to over expose the shot to get the right exposure.

The work around I’ve found for this is to shoot in Shutter Speed Mode


You can select this in ‘SS Gain Operation

ANGLE/ISO allows to to film in Shutter Angle ‘degrees’

SEC/ISO Allows you to film in Shutter Speed

Filming in Shutter Speed saves you running back and forth trying to figure out if you have the right exposure for shooting slow motion.

I go over this in my video below and people seem to have a big argument with me using 1/200 for 180fps

YES 1/360 is the correct motion for using the 180 degree rule at 180fps but the camera doesn’t do 1/360 in camera.

Just in case anyone doesn’t know the 180 Degree Rule.

If you want to follow the 180 degree rule but want to film in Shutter Speed Mode, you need to double the frame rate to set the correct Shutter Speed for the right motion using 180 degree Rule…..So 180fps x 2 is 1/360

But you can only choose 1/320 or 1/400 for 180fps

My point was 1/200 doesn’t look bad or wrong, depends on what you are filming

1/200 is fine for subtle movement using slow motion, tracking fast motion 1/400 + up is good

1/360 is technically correct

But I would go even higher for sport to make sure my slow motion footage is sharper with less motion blur

You are supposed to leave the Shutter Angle at 180 Degrees no matter the frame rate

Personally if I only had Shutter Angle to work with and I was shooting fast motion for a slow motion clip, I would lower my angle slightly to achieve less motion blur

That’s just my opinion

So raise the Shutter Speed for less motion blur, lower the Shutter Angle for less motion Blur

Sometimes I feel people get too caught up with Math rather then the feel and look of the image

When I used to shoot Music Videos, my shutter would always be up around 1/250 and higher for 24/25p. is this correct NO…but does it add to the feel and intensity of the video, in my opinion YES.

Obviously for normal motion its 180 degrees or sometimes 172.8 depending on light flicker in Different Countries

But shoot how you want of course, I’m not here to tell you how to shoot and I don’t want you to tell me how to shoot

I am simply sharing my thoughts, tips and these are just my opinions


So it seems editing 8 bit files on any computer and any system works fine

Sometimes a little bit of a lag but works ok

The issue comes with 10 bit files

Some computers and softwares handle ok and some dont

Here are my findings so far:

10 Bit works ok in FCPX using Proxies

10 bit in Premiere Pro seems too un-reliable at the moment, they either don’t show up, crash the system, work fine but when closing the program and opening the project back up it crashes

DaVinci Resolve seems ok if using the Pro version but 10bit doesn’t work with the Free Version

Here is my work around:

Use Handbrake (free) to convert the 10 bit files to a usable file

Use Adobe Encoder to convert the files  (I have had crash issues though)

Use Edit Ready to convert to UHD Prores 422 (10bit converted with trial version but pay version doesn’t seem to work? ha)

Auto Focus Issues

For those interested in using the GH5 for Auto Focus, can it be used?

So far it seems for fast AF its best to use it in UHD 50p, you just have to deal with the weird motion haha

In the video below I also use the Panasonic Wifi App to touch focus

Here are my tests:

Can you Vlog with the GH5

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 07.58.29


I won’t be shooting a lot of stills with the camera but here is a fun little test I did shooting in Burst mode:

Overlays used in piece:

Honey I BROKE The Camera:

Dirty Bokeh:

Custom Menu Settings


Set the custom menu up to shoot UHD, UHD 60p, 1080p 180fps with a flick of the switch!

Remember to make sure you set up the right shutter speed/angle, WB, ISO for each custom setting as the camera also stores this too

Also remember that switching between PAL + Cinema Mode will delete the current custom saved settings


Watch below:

Overall Thoughts!

As mentioned at the start, amazing camera with amazing abilities.

This will no doubt be a great great B Camera to my Ursa Mini 4.6K

So great I did a test with the two and created ‘BMDFilm LUT‘ to use with my GH5

GH5 LUTS Available here:


  1. First off, this is really helpful stuff. Thank you for taking the time to create these. Question for you. Perhaps I’ve been setting up my camera wrong all along but I notice that you set your frame rate via the “variable frame rate” menu option, whereas I have always changed my frame rate via the Rec Quality option. I typically will set it up for 60p if I want the option to slow it down. Have I been doing this wrong all along?

    1. Thanks for the kind words and glad it helped.

      Its not wrong, doing it with VFR just conforms the 60fps or 180fps etc to 24/25p in camera

      Doing it the other way allows you to slow it down or conform it later, that way also allows audio to be recorded in 50/60p and has Autofocus enable. Anything with VFR has no auto focus or audio

      So its not wrong, just depends how you would like it to work

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