So back when I got my RED Scarlet…I found out the hard way that It doesn’t do any scratch audio, not even crappy annoying scratch audio.

You know how DSLR’s can pick up audio…it sucks but its there.

Well the RED Scarlet/Epic has nothing.

But there is a cheap option which works really well, plug 1 or even 2 of these in and you have perfect scratch audio.


pus close

You can get the little mic on Amazon here:

Now if you like good audio for interviews and narrative work. I have always loved the sound of Sennheiser’s mics… I use the EW100 G3 Lav mics, I have 2 sets.


These work perfectly in a nice small set up without any needed portable recorder…major plus for me. Because I’ve found when using the Zoom H4N, the batteries went fast and you have to remember to hit record on your RED and the Zoom

if you forget to hit record on the zoom and just the RED… your screwed ….no audio.

With the magic of Wooden Camera’s A-Box…you simply plug both slots into your RED, plug in your mic and lavs and boom….great working audio.

abox plug red

No extra recorder dangling around…all nice, small and with you.

You can get the Wooden Camera A-Box on their site or in the UK from VideoGear:

Regarding the Sennheiser Lav mics…I label mine. It may sound dumb, but during some shoots a lot goes on …sometimes your brain plays up and you quickly forget whether the mic goes in the receiver or transmitter.

So I just label them to save me hassle on the day

talent me

As for boom mic work… I love the Sennheiser MKH 416. it has the perfect amount of distance for me and sounds great.


If budget is a bit tight and you can afford the A-Box but not the wireless lavs. Olympus also do a plug in lav if its for a close set up interview piece:

Now dont forget to bring headphones with you…cuz you never know, is the audio actually there haha.

If I don’t have room for my sennheiser HD 205 Headphones I make sure I have some Apple headphones with me to tuck in my Think Tank



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