Dirty Bokeh – Anamorphic Pack

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Music in the video Available here:

Escape Plan – https://sellfy.com/p/CWiM/

Getting that Anamorphic flare is tricky & pricy.

Even some real anamorphic lenses don’t flare how you want them to, one lens will have great bokeh & the other has great flare but not very sharp.

Then we have the projector lenses, pretty great for what they do but tricky to focus.

So this pack is a cheap way to create the anamorphic flare look.

I am not recommending this as a replacement to real anamorphic lenses, FAR FAR from it.

But its only £9.99 and a cheap fun way to add anamorphic flares to your footage

Some flares are strong, while others a bit mild…some examples below

Here are some before & after grabs:

without ‘Anamorphic Pack’


with ‘Anamorphic Pack’


without ‘Anamorphic Pack’


with ‘Anamorphic Pack’


without ‘Anamorphic Pack’


with ‘Anamorphic Pack’


Files are easy to use, just drag & drop

simply drag your preferred file on a different channel, above the video file you want to

add a flare to & make the file overlay transfer mode to ‘screen’.

Here are some tips to get the best out of the clips:

Music in the video available here:

Fun – https://sellfy.com/p/Hwvk/

Whats included in the pack :

  • over 30 clips in UHD. 25fps . x.264
  • Clips vary between 5 sec – 10 sec
  • Works with Adobe Premiere ProFinal Cut XAvidAfter EffectsDavinci Resolve
  • UHD Download size: 355MB
  • Easy to use files that works in any Program 


Download & Purchase :

Download your files instantly & start creating ‘Anamorphic Flares