Dirty Bokeh

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‘Music used in the clip Available below’

Glitch In The System – sellfy.com/p/Osxs/

We all love creating great imagery, adding our own styles and techniques to create stylised footage.

(overlays used in the clip above are: 015, 018, 024, 036, 054, 045, 005, 053, 014, 001, 046)

But sometimes, a client may not want that style… so to shoot that way in camera can be risky if they don’t like that look.

without ‘Dirty Bokeh


with ‘Dirty Bokeh


Or you may have chosen to not shoot that way on set and wish you had some cool flares or dirty bokeh.

This is why I created these overlays, so we can use them for professional work by simply dragging your preferred file over and simply making the file overlay transfer mode to ‘screen’ or ‘lighten’. Here is an example using the overlays in an interview scene:

Video below shows a few tips of how to get the best out of the ‘Dirty Bokeh‘ clips:

‘Music used in the video Available here’

Cross Roadshttps://sellfy.com/p/JBEs/
The Viewhttps://sellfy.com/p/uApi/

Here is a quick example of how to use the static flare overlays from the ‘Dirty Bokeh‘ pack for those locked off interview pieces for Corporate Work

‘Music used in the clip Available below’ 

Blackhole – sellfy.com/p/tWyr/

(overlay clips used in video above are: 030, 031 & 047)

I’ve created the files as UHD 3840 x 2160 x.264 Files.

Some files have movement and some are static, which work well for those locked off interview style shots, that need just a little sexiness for those corporate work pieces.

Example below:

without ‘Dirty Bokeh


with ‘Dirty Bokeh


They obviously also work great for your short films & personal work.

I wanted to create them in camera…. I love organic looking flares & how different lenses react to light.

Files work best when setting your overlay transfer mode to ‘screen’ or ‘lighten’

Whats included in the pack :

  • over 50 clips in UHD. 25fps . x.264
  • Clips vary between 5 sec – 10 sec
  • Works with Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut X, Avid, After Effects, Davinci Resolve
  • UHD Download size: 8MB
  • Easy to use files that works in any Program
  • Files Also Created with Vintage Lenses, Modern Lenses & Anamorphic Filters 

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