HYPE – New York Lookbook

Client – Hype

Jodie Herbage, Neek Livingston, Joel Smith, Camille Cabiad, Eric Sosa, Krysta Siliris, Greg Siliris, Phyllice Charleene, Bronwyn Carrie-Wilson, Chris Hollywood, Tyler Zee, Events Cherished, Nastassja Ocasio.


Marco Polo Feat Masta Ace – Nostalgia

This is the 3rd lookbook i shot, directed, edited for the Hype guys. They just keep getting better and better..as in how well we work together, not bigging up my piece…although I hope it looks good too haha.

I dragged the crew and models to awkward locations, that also seemed to be the windiest and coldest places I could find. We didn’t realize this til we got there haha.

They also kept getting confused when I took them to the top of buildings.. I would then fall to the floor as Im scared of heights. But would then shoot it and tell them it looks cool….then as soon as we finished I would say…now we can hurry up and get back down to floor level haha.

I love new york, in this piece I wanted to achieve the rustic look of new york, everyday living kinda vibe that will also compliment the line. Hype agreed with the vibe and everything went really well and smooth.

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