Film Burns




I love messing with aspect ratios and my main love is Anamorphic ratios but I also love the good old 4:3

So as well as creating my own 4:3 Curved matte and I also love ‘Film Burns‘ and VHS Noise

So I created my own Custom Film Burns & VHS noise Overlays to use for everyone

You can obviously use the ‘Film Burns’ and VHS Noise in your UHD Footage since they are in UHD.

The 4:3 matte was just another thing I liked and thought I’d share

Regarding the 4:3 Matte File, just make sure you have the ‘Matte’ file above your video clip and ‘Film Burn‘ and set the matte file to ‘Multiply

If you plan on purchasing my ‘Dirty Grain Files‘ : just make sure this is above the matte layers and set it to ‘overlay

You can purchase the pack here for just £4.99:

Here is a little montage I shot during a great Snow Day in the UK

Shot on the GH5 in 4:3 Mode