(LUTS once download will say GH5 LUTS which is correct – when I updated the LUTS when the GH5 came out I copied the files over so GH4 users don’t feel left out)


So it seems V Log is now in the hands of many people.

In this LUT pack will be some base luts to get you a finished look or to a good starting point.

Many people know my GH4 ‘Natural’ settings that I gave you in my last LUTS
Ive tested my Base LUT with V Log against my normal GH4 Natural settings and my Base V Log looks way better… while still having nice contrast and color.

Along with my usual styles to compliment the new V Log profile, you can have fun with some film looks, peach fade, cream plus many more.

We all now have a brand new GH4….Lets have some fun with these LUTS.

VLog straight from GH4

roof vlog

With my ‘Base 2’ LUT

roof base2

With my ‘Film II’ LUT

souhtland film2

VLog straight from GH4

l vlog

With my ‘Base 2’ LUT

l base2

VLog straight from GH4

k vlog

With my ‘Film’ LUT

k film

VLog straight from GH4

phone vlog

With my ‘SouthLAnd’ LUT


VLog straight from GH4

h vlog

with my ‘BW Fade’ LUT

h bw fade

With my ‘Film II’ LUT

souhtland 2 film


Just added 3 more LUTS, ‘Cream II‘, Peach Fade II, and ‘Film III

VLog straight from GH4


With my ‘Peach Fade II’ LUT

peach fade3

VLog straight from GH4

phone flat

With my ‘Cream II’ LUT


With my ‘Film III’ LUT

film 4


Works with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut X, Davinci Resolve

FCPX Seems to work best using the ‘Pixel Films LUT Loader:


LUTS Available to purchase here: