Today I was going over old family footage & found some messed up clips with a cool look, it was due to a broken camera at the time.

So I really liked the look & did my best to copy the imperfections haha

It also comes with a LUT as the overlay might comes across dark with some cameras.

Once downloaded…Just set your transfer mode on your overlay file (F001, F002 or F003) to overlay, tweak contrast, saturation & brightest to taste.

Overlay & LUT Available here:


Music in the video Available here:

Blackhole‘ – https://sellfy.com/p/tWyr/

Here are some tips on how to get the best out of the overlays:

Music in the video available here:


Whats included in the pack :

  • 3 Video Overlay files in UHD. 25fps . x.264
  • LUT to help you adjust the file
  • Video file Works with Adobe Premiere ProFinal Cut XDavinci Resolve, Avid, After Effects,
  • LUT works with Adobe Premiere Pro CCFinal Cut XDavinci Resolve
  • UHD Download size: 56MB
  • Easy to use Video files that works in any Program 

Download & Purchase :