iPhone LUTS

(shot entirely on iPhone X)

They say the best camera is the one with you have with you all the time, so why not make that even more fun?!

I’ve released my ‘iPhone LUTS‘ due to the excitement of the new iPhone 6s & 7 that shoots 4K.

Many of us have been shooting video with our iPhones to capture, friends, families & vacation trips.


shot on iPhone 6S Plus, graded with my ‘Film 1iPhone LUTS

graded with my ‘Peach Fade’ LUT

Graded with my ‘New Mild’ LUT

Shot using the ‘Lensbaby Creative Mobile Kit’

info about the Lensbaby kit for iPhones:

Below is a’how to install ‘ LUTS video with a lut demonstration at the start

This clip at the start was shot of the video link was shot on my iPhone 5s, graded with my ‘Peach fade’ LUT… 1080p and 120fps in 720p

Another clip shot on my iPhone 5S with my ‘Film 1’ iPhone LUT:

Hopefully these LUTS will make you more excited about filming on your iPhone and even more excited for the iPhone 6s to land in your hands.

Some more examples shooting with the iPhone using my iPhone LUTS:

Straight from the iPhone


Graded with my ‘Harsh film look’ LUT

h fl look2

Graded with my ‘Cream 2’ LUT

cream 2

Straight from the iPhone


with my ‘Harsh film look’ LUT

harsh film look

with my ‘Peach fade’ LUT

peach fade 2

Straight from the iPhone


with my ‘FLAT2’ LUT, for those wanting that log look

flat 2 lut

Straight from the iPhone


with my ‘Film 1’ LUT

film 1 againn

Straight out of the iPhone 6S Plus

i back

with my ‘Fade LUT’

fade back

Straight out of the iPhone 6S Plus

wide i

with my ‘Flat LUT’

flat wide

With my ‘Film LUT’

wide film 1

Straight out of the iPhone 6S Plus

iphone run

with my ‘Peach Fade LUT’

peach fade run

iPhone LUTS are available to purchase below:

Adobe Clip App is needed with an Adobe account for the LUTS to work (both free)
How to install is in my first video on this page and in the pdf file once LUTS are purchased

P.S I should be releasing a app Im creating which will make these LUTS easier to use, but for now enjoy using my luts this way….

LUTS also work in ‘Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Davinci Resolve and FCPX

FCPX Seems to work best using the ‘Pixel Films LUT Loader: