JD Gyms – Coventry


Client: JD Gyms


Director: James Jebson

Daniel John peters

After JD Gyms seen what James & I were capable of doing for JD Gyms in Preston. They signed us up for the rest of their Gyms.

Here is what we created for their Coventry location.

I shot this on the new Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k and what a pleasure it was to shoot with in this kind of location. As some areas were not lit very well with big windows right in front. With the dynamic range of this camera, I was able to capture great images.

Not sure if many people know how dark Spin classes are, but being able to crank the ISO up to 800 and 1600 when needed…it was great to have clean images at high ISO’s.

Also used my trusty Sigma Art Lenses