Music License


Licensing a track for your Short film, Corporate Project, Reel or even just a Personal Project can be time consuming and it can often be quite costly.

The tracks I created are available for filmmakers, allowing you to license the tracks where you please.

Now Buy both albums for just £4.99

Our usual library of songs from our personal taste can no longer be easily used, since YoutubeVimeo & Record Labels made it difficult to use without a license.

Click on any of the 3 albums below to listen to each track:

‘Commercial Songs’

(piano, strings, ambient, upbeat)


(click picture to go to album page)

Time To Believe‘ Album – 23 Tracks
(inspired by Stranger Things, Drive, 80’s synth)


(click picture to go to album page)

Beautiful Loneliness‘ Album – 26 Tracks

(influenced by sci-fi shows, Fringe, LOST, Rubicon)


(click picture to go to album page)

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