Hello Lazarus – X Marks

Official music video i shot. directed. edited for Hello Lazarus
For this video i had a strong vision of how i thought the video should look.

The band actually didn’t like the idea at first.

So i took a few pictures of the location so they can vision it a bit better.

Few more conversations and they seemed to like it more and more. When we finally arrived at the location, they were hooked.

The band were so nice and easy to work with, which i love cuz the whole day feels less like I job.

I’ve done the speeded up song for singers to sing along with before but this singer nailed it perfect…pretty much all of it was in sync.

As for getting to the location…OH MY GOD.

Bit of a nightmare…the nearest place to park with the gear was a bit of a trip. Then you had to carry or roll all the stuff through sand and boy was it windy and cold.

Wind around sand isn’t the best for camera gear…so i covered all my gear in cling film. Wind was so strong it ripped most of it off which was quite stressful and worrying for me.

Locals were very surprised we were filming and were very nice, stopped and talked…no complaints.

Although….some photographers nearly ruined a lot of my shots, by pretty much getting up close by the bassist and drummer to take pictures of them while i was filming.

If anyone should know not to get in shot …it should be a photographer…come on! 😉

A nice lady showed us a quicker way out of the beach to the car and…..well it was faster but, not with gear…sand was even thicker and up hill.

Yeah, i think we all died a little that day.

For the grading …i wanted it to look quite different from my other shoots. I went for a natural, organic kinda feel…subtle grain here and there too.

For camera peeps, most of this was shot on the Sony nEX5N in portrait mode, flattened. Other cams were 5dkii & 1dmkiv

BIG thanks to the band and my girl betty 🙂

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