Run From Robots – Sleepless Days, Endless Nights

Client: Run From Robots

I’ve worked with ‘Run From Robots’ on two music videos before. ..but this time we went for something a little different.

We both wanted a non-performance video without the band really being in it. So I wrote a treatment with locations in mind and the band digged the idea.

It was a fun day as we had great weather, plus the band came to hang out on the shoot which was also nice. So besides them being there checking out shots etc…we also got to have lunch together and hang out a bit more.

I wanted to involve a struggle with a character, a struggle with life, drugs etc…but have a little play with his character on how he gets funds for those drugs. So despite it being a little heavy, the characters outfit kinda dulls it down a bit. I wanted the piece to kinda have a short film feel to it, so I hope it comes across that way.


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