They Say Fall – Red Death

Artist: They Say Fall

Model: Leanna Burnam-Richards

Track Recorded/Produced by Kevin Peters at Anemic Studios:

Pitching a non-performance video to a band that performs well is always tricky.

But when I heard the track, I visioned some old style classic movies from my child hood like ‘Lost Boys’ & the original ‘Karate Kid’.

When I told the band the treatment, thankfully they digged the idea so I started to hunt down some locations.

Then I knew we needed a girl who can pull of the scenes to really sell it. So I contacted Leanne and she completely killed every scene and its always a blast working with her.

Band was so fun to work with and we all had a blast on shoot

Big thanks to my Betty & Poppy Collins for doing makeup
Couldn’t have done it without them

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