My Luts

Below is a list of LUTS that I have created for the following cameras:


ARRI Alexa/Alexa Mini

Canon C-Log

Blackmagic – Pocket Camera -BMCC – Ursa Mini, – 4.6K Ursa Mini,

Sony – Slog2 & Slog3

Panasonic – Varicam, GH5/GH4, EVA1 w/ V-LOG

DJI Mavic-Phantom 3, 4 & Inspire 1


Plus many more options

To flick through the ‘LUTS‘ in the ‘Creative Control Panel’ in Adobe Premiere Pro – Go To ‘Applications’, ‘Adobe Premiere Pro CC’, Right click ‘Show Package Contents’, ‘Contents’, ‘Lumetri’, ‘LUTs’, ‘Creative’
and then drag in the whole ‘DaVinci Resolve’ folder containing the LUTS

Rename all the LUTS with a different Title so they get bundled next to each other, so instead of ‘Peach Fade’, SonyPeachFade or SLOG2PeachFade etc

LUTS for Monitors or In-Camera LUTS:

Most of the LUTS in the Resolve Folder should work fine in Camera Monitors that allow you to load in LUTS




Canon C200 C-Log/C-Log2 LUTS

eye grade

GH5//GH5s / Varicam / EVA1 V-LOG LUTS (Also works with GH4)

la lutsRED/R3D LUTS – Turn your ‘redlogfilm’ look into a stylised look, just adjust your curves if needed

la lutsUrsa Mini 4K & Ursa 4K LUTS, Base Profiles & Custom looks

46-splitUrsa Mini 4.6K – Base Profiles & Stylised Looks

la lutsGH4 V-Log LUTS – Base profiles to cool looking LUTS.

la lutsiPhone LUTS – Enjoy great looking LUTS with your iPhone.

click2SLOG 2 & 3 LUTS‘ – So many Sony cameras shooting Slog2, get some base grades along with some funky looks.

aaaaDJI LUTS – Add some style to your Aerial Cinematography

 LUTS work in :

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

 Davinci Resolve