National Lottery – 24hr Challenge

Lottery – 24hr Millionaire Challenge from Daniel Peters on Vimeo.

Client: National Lottery

Agency: Kindred

This piece was a little tricky as the client wanted the piece to feel very handheld and lots of POV style shots.

While trying to make your client happy, you also have to try your best to get your style across and see if they are up for it.

So while maintaining the style they were after…I didn’t want it to look like people documenting their fun on an iPhone….so I did my best to involve a fun, stylistic way of documenting the 24hrs.
As we had to move and shoot fast, while having the talent hold and use the camera.

I kept things light using the Panasonic GH4 as I didn’t even have to switch media cards, offload or even use a new battery as 1 card, 1 battery lasted the 2 days.

I also used just 2 lenses

The Samyang 10mm 2.8 for the interview/vlog style shots and the Viogtlander 25mm 0.95 for pick up shots.

For audio, I used my Rode Video Mic with extension cable so they can hold it just below their mouth, just out of shot to capture a nice sound without having a lav in shot.

More info about the challenge with ‘Monic Stott – ‘Thetravelhack’ here: