On Set Behind the Scenes


On all my shoots I always try to take pictures or shoot a video for behind the scenes

I’ve done this before in the past but as most Cinematographers know

It is tricky to do while setting things up and well…actually doing the job haha

Besides setting up the camera, shots, set the location to look right, lighting, speaking with the Director & Actors…

You don’t really get time to take cool pictures or set up another camera to film behind the scenes

Although sometimes you do get distracted by nice cars near the location

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

This shoot was taxing as one of the locations elevator was out of order

So this is when you say to yourself….why do I have so much gear


We had to take multiple trips up & down these stairs with all the gear

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

So lets get down to some set ups & how I work


First thing I do after going over the scene with the Director (if I’m directing then well, I just talk to myself haha)

I ask what they want out of the scene

In the scene below, the Director wanted the Actress to get ready in her bedroom

She receives a text and leaves the house

I didn’t like the look of the bedroom and I knew we had to shoot in the bedroom again later


So I suggested we have this scene in the hallway

Since it was the first scene it would also showcase the apartment without being boxed in the room & feel more open with natural light

Because like most people, before they leave the house…they usually do a last check/touch up right before they leave…which is usually in a hallway by the door

The rest of the scenes would also blend nicely as the viewer has previously seen what the apartment looks like from out of focus scenes from the hallway set up

This to me feels more natural looking and less like set builds

But natural light was terrible since the weather in the UK was terrible

So I had to re-create it how I wanted it to look


First….I had to move a mirror in the hallway and have her getting ready there

But as I mentioned…I ran into issues

The scene needed some help:

As you can see in the pic above

The mirror was too short so we propped it up with a box out of frame on the floor

It felt too cold so I used scarfs to break it up with some color

It was a dull day so I used my Rayzr 7 300B for fake Daylight coming in with the F&V K4000 Bi-Color for fill & warmth.

I set the Rayzr coming in from each direction of the window behind the Actress

When I light I like to light as naturally as possible

I also moved some plants around to make it feel more like a home and break up the colors

Here is what the scene looked like when finished:


For a voice over video and more information of the shoot, watch below:


Back to some gibberish haha

I also shot outside but didn’t have time to set up lights/bounce or have the OK to set this up in the areas we we filming

The client wanted to shoot on Canon so I used the C300 MKII with CN-E Lenses


It was great to shoot with and having built in ND made set ups outside nice & fast




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For more information on the Rayzr 7 300B Light

check out my post here:


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see my post here:


I hope this helps people out and they enjoyed the post

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