Out For Tomorrow – Young & Foolish

Out For Tomorrow

narrative regarding a relationship thats simply run its course
Model is the lovely Jessica Weekly (front model)

Behind the scenes footage the band shot:

This shoot for me was literally a last minute, out of the blue shoot.

I received an email while I was out walking my dogs with my betty, regarding a director/cinematographer needed for a last minute shoot. Due to the previous company being snowed in and couldn’t make it down.

The band already had the location booked and the model had already made it down from essex…so about a 3-4 hour journey for her.

The location was only an hour away from me, but i had no shoots booked that weekend so i had no equipment charged, gas etc. Plus our time frame was only from 12-3 due to the time we had in the location. Lots to set up, shoot.

Lets just say the whole day for me was a complete blur…still feels like i actually didnt go and shoot it as I can barely remember everything haha.

The bands manager, model and band were great to work with and open to my ideas which was great as I prefer to put my direction/ideas across.

I felt a bit bossy with the guy who had the lighting board…but i was nice about it and i needed it to look how i wanted haha

Hopefully it comes across as my style considering it wasn’t technically my shoot.

The narrative part we actually shot again 2 weeks later as we werent happen with the original due to the time we had to shoot it in. So i came up with another vibe/lighting scheme and here is the final result 😉