Pavilions – Science & Gods

official music video i shot. directed. fx, edited for Pavilions


I wrote this treatment to kinda involve a short narrative…a person looking for answers regarding faith, but a bit of a twist…looks through books and finds nothing until he reaches a hidden message in one book, involving chalk.

The chalk then kinda possesses him, starts to see visions and then he must draw what he sees. So instead of being too literal…he draws the band logo.

When the band sent me the track they wanted to shoot for the video, i instantly had some great visions to tie in with the lyrics…but not so literal.

Due to budget, locations are hard to find so I offered to build a set for the band.

After 2 weeks or building I wish I never said anything ha…

Lets just say I wasted £300 and had to throw it all out and start again.

thankfully it came out exactly how i visioned and wanted it, the band also feels the same which is a major bonus haha

The stencil was tricky as hell…but my Betty did an awesome job. We worked it so it felt natural as if the vocalist was drawing it then and there.

it was fun getting all the props made to fit the set.making the key, stencil, books etc

The band are awesome, easy to work with and such nice people.

Drummers usually hate me on shoots but thats due to me loving to poor shit all over their kits ha