P&CO – Dolls N Devils

Client: P&CO

Model: Ricki Hall

After the success of Slick Ricks, P&CO are pleased to announce their new collaborative collection with Ricki Hall – Dolls n’ Devils.

This collection was all about P&CO pushing that rock and roll ethos that we’ve adopted this past year throughout the Desires & Liars collection.

They wanted to create something with a great back story that could easily be linked to the world of Desires & Liars. The Dolls n’ Devils bar is where Ricki rules over the Liars’ club.

Any bar needs good music. Rock & roll music is what it is, it’s not trying to be something it’s not. That gritty, true – to – heart attitude inspired this collection.

With big graphic styles combined with Ricki’s persona resulted in our best collaborative collection ever.
Welcome to the Dolls n’ Devils bar.

  • See more at: pand.co/pages/dolls-devils#sthash.NjgQEfZt.GbX7pVtW.dpuf

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