Here is a collection of videos I shoot for my own personal pieces…its a mix of travel videos and camera tests:


(shot on GH5 w/ SLRMagic 1,33x Adapter)

iPhone X w/ Maria Sergejeva

shot on iPhoneX

Canary islands : Lanzarote

(shot on A7SII & DJI Inspire 1)


(shot on Ursa Mini 4K)

The Bridge

(shot on DJI Phantom 4)

P a i n t

(shot on Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K)

Into The Light

(shot on DJI Inspire 1)

Stop Stealing Our Trash

(shot on iPhone 6s Plus)

San Francisco

(shot on Ursa & GH4)

Ursa Beach

(shot on ursa)

bird feeder

(shot on ursa)

Ball Time

(shot on RED EPIC)


(shot on RED EPIC)

Merry Christmas from Monster & Bubbles

(shot on GH4)