Here is a collection of videos I shoot for my own personal pieces…its a mix of travel videos and camera tests:


Tick Tock Denise

(Shot on Sony a6500)

Happy Halloween

(shot on Ursa Mini 4.6k)

Happy Birthday Monster & Bubbles

(shot on cellphones & laptops)

The Bridge

(shot on DJI Phantom 4)

P a i n t

(shot on Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K)

Las Vegas Trip

(shot on Sony a6300)

Into The Light

(shot on DJI Inspire 1)

Canary islands : Lanzarote

(shot on A7SII & DJI Inspire 1)


(shot on Ursa Mini 4K)

The Grey

(shot on a7sII)

Stop Stealing Our Trash

(shot on iPhone 6s Plus)

San Francisco

(shot on Ursa & GH4)


(shot on DJI Inspire)

Ursa Beach

(shot on ursa)

bird feeder

(shot on ursa)

Peace Of Mind

(shot on GH4)

Ball Time

(shot on RED EPIC)


(shot on RED EPIC)

Merry Christmas from Monster & Bubbles

(shot on GH4)

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