Portrait Of A Photographer : Alexander Bather

Clients: Alexander Bather

Capricorn Studio:

Nemesis Model Agency:

Rachael Tennent, Ksenija Selivanova, Emily Clarkson, Mike Koy, Peter, John Bull & Charlie Rhodes

Music by:
Keith Kenniff – Even Now

I was contacted by Alex to do a feature on him for his photography.

it was tricky as I also had to showcase the studio and models as well as focus on Alex’s style.

So I did my best to direct the piece to not feel forced, I wanted to create a more documentary/film feel to the piece. I didn’t want the vibe too feel too much like a behind the scenes piece of a photoshoot.

When I shot the interview pieces. I shot it a couple of times to get a feel of the models personalities …to try and get them to come across with some character rather then just delivering lines.

Everyone on the day was extremely nice, besides the heat it was a great shoot. Felt like we all knew each other and we’ve already all shoot and worked on other shoots before.


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