Primark – Robbie Williams I Farrell




Robbie Williams

The client wanted a behind the scenes video while the importance of the day was a photoshoot to promote the release of ‘Farrell’ through ‘Primark’ stores.
In the brief I was sent, they mentioned to try and get some audio to camera about the piece…so I did my best to make sure I got some audio to tie in the piece better rather then a typical bts of a photoshoot.

I’ve filmed with Robbie and his crew before and just like this time…a very nice crew and environment to be around which was great.

I did not grade or edit the piece

Blackmagic Ursa & BMPC4K
Sigma Art Lenses
Kessler Crane Stealth slider
Sacthler Ace Tripod
Sennheiser EW100 Lavs