Run From Robots – This Bus Is Damned

Music Video i shot, directed, edited for ‘Run From Robots’

Starring Paul & Lucy

When I heard the song, I felt like it needed rebel vibe, but in a more playful kinda way

Like your on the verge of growing up but your not quite there yet

So your having your last bit of rebel fun breaking in, smashing things, making out

A memory to look back on when we’ve grown out of this

Im sure everyone has done something similar at some point in their life, so I thought it would relate to alot of people

Thankfully the band digged the idea and the scrap yard were the nicest people

They scrap yard company let us know what was allowed, when I explained ideas I had to shoot

So it was a really fun day

Hard work as usual but it pays off

Big thanks to my betty as usual along with Paul & Lucy for doing a great job