Sara + Pete

Track: Stubborn Love
Artist: The Lumineers
I was contacted by the Parents of Sara to shoot her daughters wedding.

Shooting weddings are always tricky being a single shooter. Its also weird because you never know what the bride and groom, family members will be like. Nice, rude.. or even notice that your there.

But everyone at the wedding, probably had to be the nicest, most down to earth people we’ve met at a wedding. The day was extremely hot…un-bareable to walk in the heat, let alone dragging gear around making sure you get all the shots you need.

We even had people asking us if we would like a drink that were just friends of the bride.

We had to drive/move to three different locations, anyone who shoots weddings knows this makes it even more difficult.

I always try my best to shoot weddings in a way, where they don’t really know that I am there. I love to capture the bride, groom & family in their natural habitat. Real emotions, fun that may occur.

Once again, weddings would not be impossible to shoot without the help of my other half, my betty.

Tech notes:
This is my first wedding shoot, mixing footage between my:
Red Scarlet & Panasonic GH3
65% was GH3
35% was RED

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