Texture Overlays


For the past week I’ve been roaming around getting inspiration for textures to create unique video overlays.

Here is what I created:

Music in the piece Available here:

Believe‘ – https://sellfy.com/p/Mryg/


In the ‘Texture Overlay‘ pack, you will get 4 Video Files in UHD

once downloaded, just simply drag & drop the files in your timeline

make sure you put it above your video file that you want to add the effect to

(not on your video file)

Then just change the transfer mode on the ‘Texture Overlay‘ file

Most of them work best setting the transfer mode to ‘overlay‘, but ‘screen‘ also works

well too.

Here are some tips of how to get the best of out the files:

Music in the piece available here:

Fun – https://sellfy.com/p/Hwvk/

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