Whether you need to get a base profile look or something a bit more stylish

These ‘LUTS‘ will give you what you need for the following cameras:

RED, Panasonic Varicam, GH5/GH4, Sony SLOG 2 & 3, Canon C-Log, Blackmagic Cameras, DJI Inspire, Mavic & Phantoms & even iPhones!

Just £4.99

Music License

Licensing a track for your Short filmCorporate ProjectReel or even just a Personal Project can often be quite costly.

I’ve created tracks available for filmmakers, allowing you to license the tracks where you please.

From Commercial Upbeat Piano music to 80s synth.

Other influences include Stranger Things, Drive, LOST, Fringe, Interstellar

plus many more


Over 30 Songs Now Only £4.99

Dirty Bokeh – Lens Collection


Now Only £4.99

Need Lens flares for Corporate Work. Short Films etc

Download over 50 files

Dirty Bokeh – Anamorphic Pack (overlays)

Now Only £4.99


over 30 Anamorphic Video overlays in UHD

HONEY, I Broke THE CAMERA – Overlay


3 Video Overlays to make your footage horrible, haha

Just £4.99


Cool Texture Video Overlays, just drag & drop in your timeline

Just £4.99


Easy way to crop your footage for editing – Just Drag & Drop

Just £6.99

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