Violet – Perspectives


I met this band while my brother recorded, produced, engineered the track and EP at ‘Anemic Studios’.

While they were recording the EP.. I shot a studio documentary for them and they seemed to like my work and wanted to shoot a music video soon after.

Most of the lights on this shoot were tungsten so I matched my white balance to the lights set at 3200K.

I wanted everything to have quite a dark shadow vibe without being to dark. I did a similar look to the close ups awhile back for another video I shot, directed, edited for ‘Call The Doctor’, using the same light which were 4 Datavision LED 600.

This was the most fun, relaxing shoot I’ve worked on. Mainly because I was geeking out a bit and I dont get to shoot in locations often as bands don’t usually have a great budget. Thankfully the band had a budget for a location so I knew of a great place where I used to shoot videos in my band life, which was at Manchester studios South.

When I spoke to the company, I mentioned what kinda lights I wanted to hire, not thinking when I arrived that their lighting guy would stay and help.

This was awesome because every time I light a scene, I usually have to ask my betty, friends or band members not in shot to help move the lights around for effect.

Now I had an awesome guy who not only knows his stuff, but was incredibly nice and fun to work with.

Some scenes we had a little duck routine going on, so my head wasn’t in the shadow as he dollied past me or when I dollied past him, haha!

I have a deep love for this band, not only cuz they are good, but really nice, fun and amazing people to be around.