A Day In The Life – Clark & Timms

Client: P&CO

Models: Ricki Hall

Photographer: Gobinder Jhitta

This editorial video follows the two founding brand owners of P&Co in “A Day In The Life”.

The film follows Clark & Timms throughout their day, meeting with clients & web designers. We watch them go through sketches for new designs. Meetings with models discussing new collection pieces together.

While keeping the profiles of Clark & Timms a bit of a mystery.

Plan was to give you an insight into what Clark & Timms do to try and make P&Co grow into one of the UK’s leading fashion brands.

The video holds a deeper meaning that entwines with our latest collection “The Founders Collection”. Clark & Timms are two different people with different ideas and styles but when they collectively put ideas together, something quite interesting and special unfolds… That’s why P&Co works.

Whilst their personalities run through the entirety of P&Co, it has only been in recent collections that their names have become key features in certain designs. This collection sees us take pride in their own family heritage and create a simplistic line to celebrate that. All of the pieces in the collection use the phrase ‘Clark & Timms’, for them this was and is the building blocks and a solid foundation for P&Co. With a joint love of hand drawn typography this collection sees them adorn this skill and style in our designs.

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