P&CO – Elegant Creatures Collection

Client: P&CO

Claudia Higgins
Michael Howse
Alexa 0’Brien Willis
Chris John Millington

Recently working with P&CO …we started talking about a piece for their new collection release.

The patterns in the line have a mirror effect, so we came up with a treatment about mirroring buildings that have cool architecture.

When we all decided on Central London..I knew what buildings I wanted in the piece that I thought would look great…only thing that was a bit tricky was wondering how it was going to look in post, as my camera doesn’t shoot mirrored images for me to see what it looks like straight out of the camera haha.

So we downloaded an app available on IOS & Android networks called ‘Mirror Cam’. This helped me a bit on testing out camera moves on my phone, where to place models as you can see it in real time.

We hit all the locations we wanted to hit and was even lucky enough that ‘The Shard’ had openings for us to go up and film, as that was pretty last minute.

Working with all the models and the P&CO guys was a blast, we all had a great day


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